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I’ve recently changed my browser. I used to use Chrome even though I complained about it all the time. But while I was researching new methods to make money I discovered the Brave Browser.

I discovered Brave through Coinbase Earn. I regularly check the site to see if I can earn some free crypto. This time I had the opportunity to earn some Basic Attention Token (BAT). BAT is the crypto that Brave is based around. You just watch some videos and then answer a super easy question and you earn some crypto. If you’re interested, sign up for Coinbase and head to Coinbase Earn. I got $10 in BAT and $50 in XLM from that site.

But when I watched the videos about BAT, I learned about the Brave Browser. I’m not tech savvy at all so a lot of what was said was mumbo jumbo to me. I did get some things from it though. There was a lot about rewarding users and content creators. I decided to research the browser a bit. I found out that they’ve developed a great system. I could try to explain it, but it would be way easier just to show you this.

So I tried it out

And I have to tell you. It’s actually really good. It’s mostly like Google Chrome. It’s a Chromium-based browser. Which is nice. But it’s much faster. That’s what I’ve found at least. It doesn’t drain my RAM as much as Google Chrome. There’s a built-in ad blocker which is awesome. There’s also a bunch of privacy protection that I barely understand.

The big plus is the Brave Rewards system. It’s awesome. You can contribute to your favourite content creators without having to watch ads all the time. I love that. There’s not really anything to lose. You can try it out and if you don’t like it, just switch back.

If you want some more easy crypto for free. You can check out my guide for Dogecoin and faucets.

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