PacketStream – Does it work?

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Okay, so I wanted to go more in depth with some of the sites from my Online Money Making Bible. I’ll start with PacketStream.

Make money from selling bandwidth

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PacketStream is a site that allows you to make money online by selling your bandwidth. It’s extremely simple. You go to their website, you sign up and then you download their application. That’s pretty much it. I’ve set up the application to launch when I turn on my computer. So every time my computer is turned on, I’m selling bandwidth. It’s entirely as simple as it seems. Anyone can do this. The question is, is it a profitable way to make money online?

How much can you make from PacketStream?

I’ll start off by showing my internet connection speed. I’m selling bandwidth so of course, that will be a factor. In my opinion, my internet is pretty good. I usually don’t have any problems. Here’s the result from

Pretty decent speed. You could probably do it with less. It’s also worth noting that I’m using a basic Asus laptop to do this. Nothing fancy. But let’s see how much I’ve made. I’ve been running the application for about 2 weeks and these are my results so far.

Balance: $0.68
Traffic Sold: 2.498 GB

So I’ve sold about 2.5 GB of bandwidth and have made $0.68. That’s not a lot of money. If I had my computer on all hours of the day it would probably be a bit more. Sometimes I do have it on all day, though. It definitely works though. You will make some money.

Is PacketStream worth it?

$0.68. That’s what you could get from 1 survey on ClixSense. Not a lot of money. But you also have to ask, what did I do to get this money? Well … nothing. I did absolutely no work to earn this money. It’s completely passive income. So the thing is, I could be selling bandwidth along with any other money making method. It doesn’t require any time. It’s just additional income.

Is it worth it? Yes. Why wouldn’t it be? I keep saying this to people. Any source of income is still income. So why not do it? I’d say you might as well. So head on over to PacketStream and try it for yourself. If you feel like it’s completely useless, at least you haven’t lost any time or effort.

I think I’ll try to install the PacketStream application on my Raspberry Pi next. If it works, I can run it all day and see how much it improves. I’ll keep you updated.

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