Online Money Making Bible

Your one-stop beginners guide to making money online for 2019.

This is my Online Money Making Bible. Yeah, it’s a pretty ambitious title but I like it and I’m sticking with it! I’ve decided to compile a huge list of the sites that I’ve tested over the years. It’ll include a link and a short review for each site. If it sounds like something you would like and you want to support me, you can click on the link. It’s referral links so I’ll get some sort of reward from you using my link.

Use it as a starting point. The web is filled with income sources. It would be impossible to compile them all. These are the ones I used to get started that I still use today. If you want more sites, check out my other posts.

Easy starter sites

(Very Easy) ClixSense is a survey site. It’s the best one I’ve found so far. There’s a bunch of surveys available and it doesn’t take long to complete a bunch of them. I can easily power through 30 of them at the time and that’s already enough to pay out. A survey might not pay as much as it would on Prolific but there’s so many more available on ClixSense. So my recommendation would just be to use both of the sites. (NOW WORLDWIDE)

(Very easy) Swagbucks is much like ClixSense. Complete surveys and get paid. For a long time, it wasn’t available worldwide, but now it is. It’s a wonderful site and I use it alongside ClixSense. I would maybe even say that it’s a little bit easier and better working than ClixSense. Try both of them and see which one you like. Or do like me and use them all. More sites, more money! You can also earn money from cashback if you do a lot of online shopping.

This is a site that allows you to qualify for online focus groups. You fill out some info on your profile. You then find studies that look suitable for you. Then you have to complete a short screener test (about 5 minutes). After some time the company might accept you. Keep in mind that you won’t be accepted for all of the studies. Once you’ve been accepted you’ll complete the study and get paid! The pay is super high compared to similar sites. You can expect over $100 dollars per study. It’s definitely worth a try. Apply for as many studies as you can and you’ll be able to make a lot. They payout via PayPal (which is nice) 7 days after a completed study.

Prolific is a pretty straight forward site. You sign up and complete your profile (can take some time). After that, you’ll just wait for surveys. Once a survey shows up, you can choose to do it. You’ll see how much they pay before you continue. The pay is decent compared to other survey sites. The payout is via PayPal and the threshold is £5. It shouldn’t take long to reach that. Sometimes it’s a bit dry and you won’t see any surveys and then the next day you might have 10. The downside is that you don’t get any notification about the surveys and they tend to fill up quickly. I would suggest leaving the site open in a tab.

This is a site that connects you with companies that are looking for people to test their website. When you see a test, you’ll apply by completing a screener test. If you are eligible you’ll get to complete the test. Testing is done by recording a video of you going to the site. While visiting the site you’ll talk about it. Just saying anything related to the site that comes to mind. You’ll get at least $10 per test. Should take less than 15 minutes to complete. They payout via PayPal one week after the test has been completed. A nice feature is that they’ll email you when a new test is available so you won’t miss out.

Some might say that Redbubble is a horrible platform where people buy off-brand t-shirts and merch. The thing you should take from that is “people buy”! It’s super easy to set up a shop and you don’t have to be a Photoshop champion to create designs that sell. Just create something quick and someone will buy it! I spend little to no time on the site and I still get weekly emails with those wonderful words “You’ve Made A Sale”. Try setting up a shop and you’ll get a lovely source of passive income.


(Very Easy) A great way to get some cryptocurrency is by using faucets. I’ve written a guide on a setup for the Moon faucets that I use. A quick claim in the morning and in the evening can get you a good amount of crypto. Try it out. There’s nothing to lose. It requires minimal effort and you don’t have to be a cryptocurrency expert.

Dogecoin telegram bot

(Very Easy) The Dogecoin telegram bot is one of my favourite methods to get crypto. It’s extremely easy and you can pay out to your Dogecoin wallet within minutes. I’ve written a guide to the bot already so check that out.

SatoshiLabs is a cool little “game” that you can play to earn some money. You get Lab Flasks from a faucet. They can be used to purchase production equipment that will then produce more Lab Flasks. If you get enough production equipment you’ll be able to get a decent passive income from it. You won’t make a lot, though and it can be an advertisement nightmare with pop-ups and that whole shabang. You can use the Brave Browser to avoid this.

(Very Easy) eBesucher is an autosurfer. The best one I’ve found so far. Open the program and it jumps around some websites and you get some money. You don’t get very much from it. You’ll have to run it for many hours every day if you want to make money from this. It can work and if you’re able to run it from a Raspberry Pi or something like that, there’s a decent amount of money in it. It’s a completely passive income. I talk more about autosurfers in this post.

(Very Easy) Packetstream is an application that allows you to sell your extra bandwidth. I run this whenever my computer is turned on. It’ requires nothing and it doesn’t affect my performance. You get $0.10 for every GB you share. I wouldn’t recommend this if you don’t have a great connection though. Might mess it up if you already have trouble.

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