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Brave Browser

So I’m back talking about Brave Browser again. I want to talk more about monetization on Brave. When I started my blog I looked into Adsense. As most people probably do. Adsense is the mainstream system to put ads on a website. Not anyone can get approved to use Adsense though. I, for one, isn’t ready to be approved yet. TWFHM doesn’t have enough content yet. I continued to read up on it to learn about the system. I saw a lot of people post on Reddit complaining that they’re not getting much out of Adsense. It makes sense. You have to be big to make money from ads. I knew that even if I got approved for Adsense, I would probably not get anything.

With Adsense, I would also have to put ads on my site. Makes sense right? You need ads on your site to make money. Well … you don’t. When I started to look for other options I found Brave Browser. Brave allows you to monetize your blog and you don’t even have to add any ads. This is due to a very cool system they’ve set up.

Brave Browser System

This is an awesome system. Users of Brave Browser can opt in to view ads in the browser. They can also choose not to. If they choose to view some ads, they’ll earn BAT (Basic Attention Token). They can then choose to use that BAT to tip content creators. They can also choose to set up a monthly contribution. Just like a Patreon. They can even set up a monthly auto-contribution. This will automatically donate an amount to content creators according to how much they view their content.

It’s not just for blogs and website!

You can apply to be a content creator for YouTube channels, Twitch channels and Twitter as well!

Brave Browser Monetization

Verifying as a content creator takes about 24-48 hours. The cool thing is that you might already have unclaimed money. People might have tipped you before you got verified. When you verify that money will be transferred to you straight away.

So why not try it? Start by downloading the Brave Browser. Even if you’re not a content creator, it’s still a cool browser. Then go ahead and verify as a content creator. You don’t have to actively use the system. You can just do it to check if there’s any unclaimed money. And either way, it’s another source of income.

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