Free Dogecoin from Telegram

I found this quite recently. It’s without a doubt the easiest way to get free Dogecoin. Keep reading and within 5 minutes you’ll be able to withdraw at least 4 dogecoins.

Dogecoin might seem like a joke and it might have started that way. But now it’s actually one of the more serious coins. It’s currently valued at $0,002607 USD. Let’s get some free dogecoin!

What you’ll need:

dogecoin logo
  • Dogecoin wallet
  • Telegram

Dogecoin wallet
The first thing you’ll need is a dogecoin wallet. Just somewhere to send your free dogecoin. I use the standard Dogechain wallet. It’s a very simple web-based wallet and it works absolutely fine.

Telegram is where will get the free dogecoin from. It’s a cloud-based instant messaging service that’s usually used to chat with friends or groups. But there is another use for it. Bots. You can find bots on telegram that allows you to complete simple tasks and get free crypto from it.


You can only use the telegram web app after you’ve set up your account on your smartphone. So hop on your phone and go to the play store or the app store. Search for Telegram and download the Telegram Messenger. Then you can open it and set up your account.

Once you’ve set up your account you can use the web-based app. Now we need to go to the bot. You can find the Dogecoin bot here. When you’re in, you just click start. You’ll now see a menu with some different tasks you can do. The highest paying ones will be messaging bots and joining channels. If you, for example, pick joining channels, you click on “Go to group”. Then you click on “Join”. Now you’ll have to go back to the Dogecoin bot and click on “Joined”. Then you get a message confirming that you’ve got some dogecoin. For messaging other bots, you just have to click “Message bot”, click on “Start” and then forward to message to the Dogecoin bot. To forward a message just click on one and choose forward. Then pick the dogecoin bot and hit enter.

Once you’ve reached 4 dogecoin you’ll be able to withdraw. Click on “Balance” and choose withdraw. Enter your wallet address, enter the amount and click “Confirm” Your free dogecoin is now on its way to your wallet. It’s as easy as that. I’ve been able to withdraw a lot of times already. Pretty nice way to get some easy crypto.

free dogecoin transcations from telegram bot

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