Airdrops – How much crypto can you make?

Airdrops How much crypto can you make

Disclaimer: The links in this post are referral links and I do get a small kickback from the airdrops if you use it.

After using Coinbase Earn airdrops to get some free Stellar Lumen (XLM) and Basic Attention Token (BAT), I thought to myself; How much could I make if I tried to claim every airdrop I can find? Would it be worth my time and are these coins even worth anything?

What is an airdrop?

To start off you might ask, what is a crypto airdrop? If I were an expert I could probably give you a good long answer. I’m no expert. To my knowledge, crypto airdrops are a way for new cryptocurrencies to market themselves. They do this by giving out an amount of their coin to the people. They hope that this will give them a “fanbase” or a following.

The plan

I’m going to dedicate my day to claiming as many airdrops as I can, with no knowledge of airdrops apart from Coinbase Earn. I know there’s a bunch of airdrops out there. I’m going to find them and claim those sweet free coins. Then I’m going to attempt to round up the numbers and see how much I’ve made. Let’s get started.


To find the airdrops, I’m going to start off by using a site called They’re a site that compiles a list of all the available airdrops. On the site, I’m going to look at the list of “Hottest airdrops”. Let’s see what we can get.

Keep in mind that some of these drops might have expired.

Einstein Exhange

Einstein Exchange Airdrop

The first airdrop I found was for Einstein Exchange. They claimed I could get $10.00 CAD just for signing up on their website. Sounds a bit too easy. I went on their website, signed up and got this message. Sweet! But you still have to keep in mind, this is just a number. I want to be able to withdraw it before I see it as actual money. To unlock withdrawal I have to verify on their site. So I submitted the required information and the waiting process began.


BitTube was the next airdrop on my list. They claim that I will get 5 TUBES (~$1) from signing up and downloading their browser extension. So I followed the website, downloaded the browser extension, signed up and verified my phone number. Now I have to wait up to 24 hours for the TUBES to come in. Let’s see if they show up.


Presearch is a search engine that pays you to search. That’s what they claim at least. But that’s not what I came for. I came for the free 25 PRE sign up bonus. That’s about $1. Not much but let’s see if we can claim them. I went on their site and signed up. I instantly had 25 PRE in my account. Not bad. There’s a slight problem though. I went to withdraw them and saw that the minimum withdrawal was 1000 PRE. That sucks. Might be worth testing out their concept though.


So to claim this airdrop I need an account on Huobi. It’s one of the top exchange sites so that’s not really a problem. Then you head to the Reserve airdrop site and sign up. Now you will have to complete tasks to earn entries. 1 entry equals 1 RSR token. You can earn up to 1.060 entries. That’s $2,8. It ends 2019-06-20 and that’s when you can expect your airdrop to arrive in Huobi.


This one was a bit tricky. But they are promising up to 700 BQQQ for free. What I had to do to sign up for this one was to register on Bitsdaq, download their app and then leave a review of the app and submit a screenshot of that review on this form. I also had to submit my driver’s licence to verify on the site.


Minglechain telegram bot

This one has a lot of steps but it’s all in a Telegram bot. This makes it a bit easier. If you complete all the steps you will earn 100 MC which is about $14. This is the first round of their airdrop so you could potentially earn more. The airdrop should be distributed by 21/09/2019. That’s a pretty long wait but it doesn’t take a long time to complete the steps. You might even forget that you completed it and then wake up to a $14 surprise. Either way, I’ve completed it.


Bitzoom sign up bonus

This is a super easy one. You just go to their site and sign up. Then you receive $10 in BZT tokens. You can’t trade or withdraw it yet but that should be implemented soon. Once that happens you can trade it to a different coin and then withdraw it. I’ll stay updated on this one.


AiBB telegram bot

Another super easy one. You just need to chat with their Telegram bot and follow some easy steps. Then you’ll get 25 AiBe. That’s around $25! Super easy and pretty good payout.

So how much did we make?

Well … not anything yet. These are airdrops so it takes some time for them to drop. But we can look at how much we should earn when they drop.

10 CAD from Einstein Exchange (about 7,5 USD)
1 USD from BitTube
1 USD from Presearch
2,8 USD from Reserve / Huobi
700 BQQQ from Bitsdaq (should be around 7 USD)
14 USD from Minglechain
10 USD from Bitzoom
25 USD from AiBe

That’s a total of 68,3 USD! That’s honestly more than I expected. Yes, I know that the money isn’t paid out yet. But even if I end up getting half of that, it’s not too bad. It took me about 3 hours to do this. I learned about new cryptos and even got some ideas for new money making methods.

I’ll make a follow-up post when they start paying out so we can see what I actually get. It looks promising. In the meantime, if you want some more easy crypto, you can check out my post on the Dogecoin Telegram Bot and my faucet setup.

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