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I’m the Work From Home Millennial. Ever since I got a computer, my number 1 hobby has been making money. I’ve spent years trying to figure out the best ways to do it. Now I’m sharing my knowledge with you.

Making money online can be very easy. You just need the right mentality, the right routine and the right resources. You don’t need any skills or experience. I’m here to help you, free of charge.


I’m currently 20 years old. I live in Denmark which is located in Europe. I recently quit my job as I’ve been able to live off of my online income. Therefore I spend most of my day researching and testing new methods.

A lot of online money making is limited to the U.S. But it’s definitely not impossible to do it outside of there. My blog is based on methods that work in Europe.

If you want to get started quickly then check out my Online Money Making Bible. It has all of my favourite sites. If you use my links you’ll support the site.

If you already use a lot of sites but don’t feel like your making enough, try checking out my routine for money making. Having a routine is extremely important.

You can always contact me on email or Discord for any inquiries. I can help you get started personally if you’re having trouble.

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